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Deep MUK Ultra Soft Care Duo 500Ml


An ultra soft shampoo and conditioner, rich in essential nutrients that gently cleanses, nourishes and detangles. Suitable for all hair types, including hair extensions.  The pack contains a 500mL Deep muk Ultra Soft Shampoo and Conditioner.

HAIR TEXTURE: Medium to Coarse
SOLUTION: Hydration, Smoothing, Frizz Control, Colour Care, Repair, Shine

    DIRECTIONS: Deep Ultra Soft Shampoo: Use 1-2 pumps and gently massage into the roots with the fingertips, covering the whole scalp. Work through to the ends. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat if necessary. Remove excess moisture from the hair.

    Deep Ultra Soft Conditioner: Massage through damp hair and leave in for up to 5 minutes when extra conditioning is required. Rinse thoroughly.

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